The Elevate Difference

Bathing is more than getting clean, a comfortable, relaxing and safe bath is key to long lasting health. 

Our Promise

At Elevate Bath Tubs, LLC we pride ourselves on having inherent industry leading safety while maintaining the comfort of a traditional horizontal bath. This is all achieved using only the highest level of manufacturing and quality standards. It is our belief that we have found a better way to stay in your own home comfortably.

"There has got to be a better way"

-Jay, Founder of Elevate

Real People. Real Results.

Before our Expert Installation

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Transform your Home and Life with Elevate Tubs

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Why Choose Elevate?

Drains in less than 15 seconds

The Elevate Bath Tub utilizes our innovative proprietary drain to empty all of the water in your bath in less than 15 seconds. This is a feature that is unique to the Elevate tub. The drains ability to empty water ensures that you don't sit in the cold and aren't trapped in a bathtub. 

Safest "walk-in" tub. The only "sit-in" tub Ever.

The design of the Elevate Tub is the first of its kind. The concept that Elevate developed is a "sit-in" tub. Our sit-in design enables a traditional horizontal bathing experience. Furthermore, the horizontal nature of the tub means the bather never steps onto a wet bathing surface. This mitigation of walking and standing means the Elevate Tub is one of the safest baths ever created.

Easiest and Fastest Installation

When compared to Elevates closest competition, Installation of the Elevate Tub is not only easier but faster. Our Tub is shipped in three separate pieces so in most cases installers don't have to cut out doorways to fit our tub into your homes bathroom. This decrease in costs enables us to deliver a high quality product at a quality price.

5 Year warranty 

Our Tub comes with a base warranty of  5 years. This warranty is applicable to all problems that you may encounter with our tub in the first 5 years. Our promise to you is that our tub will be exactly how you envisioned it. Leave the headache behind and purchase the Elevate Tub knowing you're protected.

Support Local Business.  Owned and Operated in the U.S.A

Elevate Bath Tubs, LLC is located in Phoenix Arizona at 2514 East Mohawk lane. #106 85050