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The Elevate Bathtub 

Why Choose the Elevate Bathtub?

The Elevate Bathtub is the latest innovation in luxury senior and family bathing. This bathtub includes all the finest luxuries of modern bathing. For anyone who needs a little more assistance from a walker or a wheel chair, the Elevate Bathtub is a dream come true. It’s been intuitively designed so you can bathe in your home safely, and can be used by the entire family. No longer will you need to lift children over the ledge of a bathtub, get on your knees to bathe them, and then use your back muscles to take them out.


Watch the Tub in Action

Never Stand on a Wet Surface Again

Safety Prioritized

 The Elevate Bathtub is at chair level so you don't have to strain to get in or out. Besides the reduced risk of a fall, the bathtub comes with an emergency SOS button in the control panel. The door will still open in case of power failure so you can relax in comfort and safety.


Don't wait around in the cold

Innovative Drain Design

The Elevate Bathtub drains in approximately 10 seconds so you don't have to sit in the cold. Bathe worry free knowing you can be out of your bath in seconds flat.


Nothing Else Compares

Elevate trumps the competition in comfort, safety and aesthetics. 

Chroma Light Therapy

The addition of Chroma Light Therapy has been proven to reduce swelling and inflammation, decrease muscle tension, relief of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and increase range of motion. Pick your favorite color or let the bathtub cycle through the ten colors while you revitalize your sense of well being.


Heated Backrest

The heated backrest brings maximum comfort to the bathtub. Use the control panel to pick between three different temperature levels that help keep the bath water warm while you relax and unwind.


Air Jets System

Over twenty air jets line the side and the bottom of the Elevate Bathtub ensuring you receive the best massage possible. Air jets help release toxins and improve circulation. In addition to three different pressure levels, use the control panel to create a relaxing wave pool.


Federal Housing Administration Financing

The Elevate Bathtub could be tax deductible for you. Call today for more information. Change your life for the cost of less than a cup of coffee a day.

Made with the same parts as a Navy F/A 18

We take pride in using only the highest quality materials. The seal on the Elevate Bath Tub is the same one used in the F/A 18 Hornet to seal the canopy.