Caregiver Advantages

The Elevate Bathtub offers caregivers the opportunity to deliver high quality care while maximizing resident or client comfort and safety. The introduction of the Elevate Bathtub into your care facility will not only change the way your clients bathe, it will change the way your caregivers work.  This is accomplished through the revolutionary design that focuses on consumer safety, comfort and cost efficiency

Chair Level

The Elevate Bathtub sits entirely at chair or wheelchair level.  A user or attendant can easily roll a wheelchair up to the side of the tub, open the door panel and slide in. This makes for a safe and efficient way to enter and exit the tub. To enter from a walker, all the resident would need to do is come up next to the tub, turn 90 degrees and sit down.  Once in, raise the door either half way for those that need some assistance, or all the way for a deep soak. No longer will an assistant need to get on their knees to help someone bathe. 

The Sprayer

Water temperature can be adjusted before anyone gets into the bathtub with a thermostatic valve. The caregiver can use the sprayer to quickly & efficiently bathe the patient. After the bathtub drains, use the sprayer to rinse off any remaining residue to ensure total cleanliness. 

In Case of Emergency

If there is an issue in the bath, all it takes is a simple touch of a button and the water is gone in approximately 10 seconds.  The resident is out of the tub and help is on it's way.