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The Door

The door panel takes less than one pound of pressure to open and close, and has one of the strongest leak free seals in the industry. 

Inherent Safety

The Elevate Tub sits at chair height so slips, trips and falls are nearly a thing of the past. Never stand on a wet surface again. Our built in interface also has an S.O.S feature, so you're never trapped in the tub.

The Drain

Our proprietary drain will empty the Elevate tub in approximately 10-15 seconds. The ultra-fast drain ensures you will never have to sit and wait in cold water again. 


The Elevate Bathtub is designed to be beautiful, safe and versatile. The Tub is truly for the entire family. 

The Safest, Most Technologically Advanced Way to Bathe. Ever.

Drains In Approximately 10-15 Seconds.

Bathtub Sits at Chair Level.

"Anti-Gravity" Door.

See The Elevate Tub Difference

Easy Financing

Options Include:

-No Money Down

-Poor Credit Accepted

-Loan interest may be tax deductible

-Secured by the U.S. Government



Customer Testimony

Real People. Real Results

Learn the stories of people who have changed their lives with our Tubs. Whether you decide to go with an Elevate Tub or a Traditional Walk-in, we are sure you will love the results

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“I'm able to live in my own home and feel safe taking care of myself. Before, I was too afraid of accidental slips and falls but now I have my Independence back .”